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Updated: Jul 18, 2021


Welcome to the first episode of Weighting Times May Vary brought to you by Olivia Standbridge Coaching. In this introductory episode, Olivia talks about why she is losing weight, what has pushed her to commit to getting healthier and lets you know a bit about who she is. Olivia is not a weight-loss consultant or expert and she is not flogging a diet or exercise plan. She is a woman who has does it before and now has to do it all again, but this time she has better emotional tools to keep her on track. Subscribe to the podcast to hear the weekly trials/tribulations/and hopefully wins of her ‘weight-loss journey’ – seriously, can someone please come up with a better term for it!!

Connect with Olivia on her Facebook Page – Olivia Standbridge Coaching and join her free private support/whinging group – Weighting Times May Vary. 

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