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Where did all the people go?

This morning I was awoken by the sound of birdsong and the sunlight coming in through the sides of the blackout blinds. It was reassuring to hear the birds singing as normal, whilst we adapt to our new way of living through the pandemic. It reminded me that nature, wildlife and the weather is all still there, even whilst we are restricted to spending more and more inside, and feeling increasingly isolated. It gave me hope that it won’t be long before we can enjoy it all together again. It will all still be there when this is finished. I know we can still go out shopping occasionally for essentials, and to take exercise once a day, but the small village I live in is much quieter than usual.... and it's always very quiet.

The only amenity, a pub, is shut. The farmers continue working, alone, in the fields and essential workers commute to work in cars. From my garden I can hear children playing and overhear conference calls as people work from their spare rooms with the windows open. I know all the people are still here, I just can't see them. It got me thinking… what on earth do the birds think has happened to us? They go about their normal business, singing their songs, flying to and fro and building their nests for Spring, whilst we remain indoors, awaiting our next instructions. Do they think of us? Do they ask 'where did all the people go?' Are they thankful to have more of the world to themselves?

I hope that the birds are enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, and some extra space away from humans. I, myself, will be thankful to be able to be socialise with people in person once again. I look forward to the day this lockdown and social distancing is all over. I imagine there will be parties in the street, full and bustling restaurants and pubs, and busy museums, theatres and other attractions. I am hopeful we don't forget how much we missed our freedom during this pandemic, and that we all work together to be a bit friendlier and more community spirited in the future. Until then, lets be grateful for technology, such as Zoom and House Party, that allow us to remain in touch with colleagues, friends and loved ones over video chat. We are lucky to still have this connection with the outside world. It gives us space to have a moan, laugh, support each other and get through this together. If you are feeling very isolated, perhaps you are on lockdown on your own, look online for free resources and support -whether it's in the form of 1:1 coaching, group coaching or therapy. There are a lot of organisations and people out there putting together initiatives to support those in need. A free coaching initiative that I am involved in putting together should be launched this week and I will provide an update on this via my website and social media pages.

Wishing you all the best during these strange times we are living in. Stay safe and wash your hands!

Be you. Be true. Be happy.


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