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What's in a name?

I recently bit the bullet and admitted that I no longer liked the name I had picked for my coaching business; Authentic Olivia. My core value, the thing that I always bring myself back to when making decisions, is my authenticity. My biggest desire in life is to find out who I really am and live an honest, truthful and authentic life. So, when I originally set out on this journey it seemed like using the word 'Authentic' was imperative to let people know who I am and what I stand for. As time has gone on it's felt a little... forced. When I am at my most authentic? When I am being me. And who am I? Olivia Standbridge. That's why I have decided to rebrand. It has been a pain to redo a whole website, branding, email accounts and social media. But I am so happy to now announce my new business name....wait for it..... Olivia Standbridge! It's unique. It's honest. It's authentic. And it's me!

From now on you can find me at:

@oliviascoaching on instagram

@oliviascoaching on Twitter

Olivia Standbridge Coaching on Facebook.

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