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Weigh Day One

My first weigh day is here.

I started my healthy eating plan on Monday – 4 days ago and from now on will weigh weekly on a Friday morning. I am writing this before I get on the scales so whatever number I see doesn’t impact my initial reflections on how the first few days have gone.

I have been tracking what I eat and calories in vs calories out using the Fitbit app. This has been useful as most foods I have eaten are already in the app so I can just select what I have eaten and how many servings I had. You might think it would be odd to have more than a serving of something but some food items in the app have a smaller than usual serving size – I think Ryvita would be the easiest example of this. I would expect the serving size of Ryvita to be 2 or 4 crackers but Fitbit has the serving size as 1. And frustratingly this isn’t clear on Fitbit – I had to check the packet calories and the calories on Fitbit to realise it was counting 1 cracker as 1 serving. So that is something to be mindful of when using this app to track calories.

The app also calculated how many calories I should have per day to be able to lose around 2lbs per week – from my current height and weight measurements. Although I know you don’t have to be that prescriptive to lose weight, I like this scientific approach.

I haven’t really ‘cooked’ anything this week – it has all been super simple stuff so far! Evening meals have been lentil-based (like lentil Bolognese and lentil curry) but they have been microwave packets which means tracking calories is a lot easier. I think tracking things I make from scratch will be harder – but I also recognise that I am probably being a bit lazy and making excuses! Lunches have included mackerel with a filling salad, crackerbread with laughing cow cheese triangles and rollmops. I have enjoyed chocolate in the form of 26.1g Crunchie bars and even had a couple of ice creams – Halo Top for 80 calories and a mint choc chip cone for 220! Being able to have treats whilst staying in my calorie range is what will make this sustainable. I haven’t gone hungry and one day (because I had been more active) I had calories left that I just couldn’t eat because I was too full – who knew salad could be so filling!

At the moment I feel pretty positive about how it is going – and better than I did than when I wrote my previous blog when I was thinking more about how bad I felt about putting on weight rather than concentrating on what I am doing now.

It’s time to get weighed – I wonder how positive I will feel after stepping on the scales!

2.5 lbs down! I’m happy with that after only 4 days! I must remember my diet has changed drastically, so I should expect to see bigger results at this first weigh-in than in subsequent weigh-ins and I aim for an average of 2 lbs per week. It’s reassuring to see that it is working and I am happy to have taken the first step towards being healthy again.

Time for breakfast – fruit and Greek yoghurt with an Americano to start my day!


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