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Weigh Day Two

Time for my second weigh-in and I have lost.... 2lbs! I am aiming for 2lbs per week on average so I'm pleased with the consistency and it seems a sensible rate to be losing weight at.

I have continued tracking calories in vs calories out with Fitbit and ensuring I am in a 1000 calorie deficit by the end of each day. Previously I lost weight using the Slimming World plan. I found the plan easy to follow and I didn't need to know the calories of everything I ate because Slimming World kind of did it for you by letting you eat as much fruit and veg, lean protein and carbs like potatoes, pasta and grains as you want but restricting fatty, sugary, refined carb foods by giving them a 'Syn' value. This worked for me as I had sensible portion sizes. I have heard of people eating A LOT of pasta and not losing weight on Slimming World - which makes sense - if they are not in a calorie deficit, they won't lose weight. I now realise just how much I can eat by counting calories and choosing low calorie but filling foods.

One of the most filling meals I have is a salmon and salad wrap - just bake the salmon in the oven, (no oil or butter required) and put in a Weight Watchers wrap (107 calories) and bulk it out with fresh salad. I can't eat anything after I eat that and it tastes so good! I have been using salmon fillets with a marinade already on them - such as the garlic and herb salmon fillets from Tesco - which makes the wrap even tastier and still comes in under 400 calories for the whole meal.

I challenged myself to do some more cooking rather than just 'assembling' stuff this week - and I made a chickpea and adzuki bean bolognese that came in at under 200 calories per portion when served on its own and it tasted great! I sauteed sliced red onion and garlic in low-fat spray oil (Frylight) until they are soft, added a tin of chopped plum tomatoes, added drained cans of adzuki beans and chickpeas and a veg stock cube and seasoning and cooked it all on the hob until it reduced a bit. This made 2 portions and more veg can be added for more variety. It was quick and easy to make and good for freezing or putting in the fridge for lunch the next day. Serve with pasta, spiral veg or a baked potato.

I want to do some more cooking but generally, I like to stick to things I can do in one pot or a one tray bake.

Emotionally I feel positive and I knew I had stuck to my plan so I felt confident getting on the scales. In the back of my head, I am aware that this is the easy bit - I am not bored with what I am eating, we haven't been going out to eat or drink so I have a lot of control over what I am having, and it is easier to lose weight at the beginning. I need to keep focused on this being healthier and a life-long plan rather than a quick weight loss fix.

This weekend will be my first challenge - it is my brothers birthday and I am going to have some of his cake! For me, it is important to still be able to join in special events and have those treats - if I don't I will resent the plan and it will be an uphill battle. As it is a one-off, my plan is to be super strict with my calories the rest of the day to make up for the cake.

Wish me luck!


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