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Is fear stopping you from doing something you love?

Fear has stopped me from doing things I didn’t know I loved — because I was too scared to try them! Like public speaking — I thought I hated being the centre of attention and having all eyes on me. I was so wrong! I was scared of trying something I hadn’t done before. And when I threw myself into it (read my previous article for further info) I discovered I had a skill and a passion for being on stage talking in front of others, having them hang on my every word. It was exhilarating!

Karen Kilgariff, Olivia Standbridge and Georgia Hardstark on stage at the Hammersmith Apollo laughing
My first time on stage!

Since then I have pushed my public speaking by putting out a podcast (I know, I know…we haven’t put out an episode in ages — bear with us!!!), entering (and even winning some) speech contests, and being paid to speak at an event. Public speaking is something I want to be involved with for the rest of my life. I love storytelling, and I love using misdirection to entertain my audience, and I love being vulnerable. Being vulnerable when speaking or presenting feels like my superpower.

If you could feel the fear and face it anyway (which you absolutely can by the way) — what would you do?

What would that bring to your life?

Who else would that impact?

Now is the time for you to face those fears. Imagine how good you’re going to feel when you do something you love without being overwhelmed by fear!

Take that first step out of your comfort zone. And keep going.

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