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The Transition Package is perfect for those who want to leave or who have recently left the police and would like insight into their identity, values, beliefs, transferable skills, and their future away from the policing family. The package includes:

- 6 x bespoke one-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions taken over 3 months

- A special bonus one-to-one session where you learn key interview skills and get to practice them in safe environment

- I will review and rewrite your CV for you so you are ready to start your new career!


During our time together we we work on strategies and practical steps to take for your life outside of the police service, including how to sell your top skills to future employers.

If you are not looking to be employed upon leaving the police we can instead look at business skills, self-employment, or further education options.

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The Introducing Your Future Package is perfect for those looking for an introduction to self-development. Perhaps you are not yet ready to leave the police but would like to start to explore what that could look like. Or you would like to know more about yourself and who you are away from the job. Then this is the short course for you. The package includes:

2 x 90 minutes bespoke coaching and mentoring sessions taken over the course of a month.

During our time together we explore your identity, what is important to you and what is currently missing from your life so you can start planning your next steps.

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