WhatsApp Coaching

My WhatsApp Messaging Coaching service is perfect for you if:

  • You want to try coaching for the first time but perhaps are nervous about talking on the phone or Zoom.

  • You aren’t ready or don’t have the time to commit to full length online coaching sessions at the moment.

  • You want clarity on what went wrong in the past in achieving a particular goal.

  • You want tips on the first steps to take towards achieving your goal.

  • You want a bit of a confidence boost!

I am passionate about making coaching accessible to as many people as possible. Coaches are not for the elite – everyone can benefit from having a coach! People have busy lives, don’t really know if coaching is what they are looking for and may not be ready to commit to numerous sessions of deep work. Text coaching via WhatsApp is a great way to get some bitesize coaching in your life.

WhatsApp Coaching sessions are text conversations up to 10 minutes in duration each. And yes, it really is me having a text conversation with you - it isn't artificial intelligence! I promise to try and keep my typos to a minimum.


Pricing: £7 per 10-minute session.

Book your WhatsApp Coaching Session here. Payment taken via Stripe.